The Insight

In Detroit, many youth do not have the resources or skills to compete after high school. YOUTH VOICE (YV) provides a program that focus on important elements of becoming a productive member of society.

What YV is:

A network for youth to build individual and collective power to make positive change.

What YV does:

YOUTH VOICE develops young people capacities in leadership to make change in their lives and community using four areas: identity development, youth organizing, community service, and critical thinking.

Why YV matters:

Detroit lacks in youth empowerment spaces that create opportunities for young people to understand the community around them and how they can make a difference. YV develops their leadership skills and capacity in implementing the change they envision.

highlights calendar:

2009-2010 HIGHLIGHTS 

2011-2012 Highlights

2013 Highlights

Current Initiatives:

  • January 2014: YV is expanding citywide. Check out the next YV chapter in Ypsilanti!

Where YV is going:

YV will continue to expand opportunities by establishing more peer-to-peer leadership and developing new chapters!

If you would like a YOUTH VOICE chapter in your school or community, email or visit

​Detroit, Michigan 
​​(313) 549-0421 

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